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July 6, 2009

The smell of DEATH.

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The Garbage Pile

SO burning garbage in the afternoon is one of my favourite things to do.  I just love watching the pieces transformed into ashes as the fire devours ferociously.  It is just awesome.  Oh yes, here burning garbage at the end of the yard is a common practice.  I am pretty far away from modernisation – but we still have ASTRO (equivalent to CableTV in America) and broadband internet (I am here blogging ain’t I?) – and there are many things done ‘the old fashioned way’ still.

As the fire consumed – it was pretty slow as everything was still damp from days of rain – I would slowly rake things up making the pile higher with the burning part at the bottom.  God knows what has been buried underneath all those layers.  My backyard neighbour was also doing the same thing to her garbage pile.  But her pile was way lighter and drier.  Ahh.. lucky her.

As I was raking things up, I hit on something hard partially buried in the ground and what do you know, a bone popped up.  It was about 6 inches long and was covered with white mushy thing – I am thinking it was probably disintegrated fat.  So I placed it near the fire.

Then I dug some more with my steel rake and what do you know, a heavy plastic bundle turned up now torn by my poking – that bone earlier popped out from it – and a faint smell started to emerge. 

The plastic was clear – and clearly non-biodegradable – and on the inside was blackened by pieces of hair and probably decomposed liquified flesh and I am thinking there were more bones in it because the bundle was a bit heavy.  Heck I didn’t want to open the package to find out! 

I quicky placed the bundle on top of the slowly burning pile and the smell of was by now pretty unbearable.  The bundle was at least a year old – they were actually some of the remnants of cow carcass that was slaughtered over a year ago for my brother’s wedding (that is at least my guess of course and it can’t be HUMAN I am sure) and they didn’t get to decompose properly for being wrapped in such a way.

But the smell just lingered all over my quarter acre yard.  My whole house was smelling of rotting carcass thought faint (due it its age) it was still putrid and unbearable! Later in the evening, I returned to the still burning garbage pile holding a flashlight in one hand as it was dark out and raked around placing the unburned pieces over the top of burning amber. 

Just for doing that, I had the smell stuck to me and had to change my clothes. Thankfully, by midnight, the smell died off as the pile turned to ashes and the air is cleared up once again. 

The bundle I’d found got me thinking – death, though celebrated in its own way, never have pleasant smell.  And working in the Body Farm would be a thousand times worse !  Still, somebody has do do it.



So I am here. Hello.

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After moons of putting things on hold, I finally decided to give it a jump start.  Thanks Juna for your support (Kawiz.wordpress.com)

First day, first attempt of blogging and I am expecting glitches (on my part) here and there, somehow it’ll be ok I think.

It’s 4:45pm Malaysia time and I am here in my bedroom wearing casual old clothes.  It’s definitely nice working from home and I won’t be in my office til Thursday.  Those eager to see me, wait up!

I still have loads in my mind as to what direction I am heading with this blog.  I am definitely gonna go at a slower pace. 

Right now, I have a mountain of trash/compost to burn at the backyard as the weather hadn’t been agreeable til today.  I just love starting big fires.

And I am OUTTA HERE! (for now)

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